Chevrolet Impala Problem Report

Chevrolet Impala Steering May Develop Clunk Noise From Upper Intermediate Steering Shaft

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The steering may develop a clunk type noise from the upper intermediate steering shaft.  Our technicians tell us that you should check with your local GM dealer to find out what the latest repair is for this condition.

GM dealer has to replace intermediate steering shaft. There is NO other option to correct this problem/noise/issue. -
when turning stering wheel makes a clunk noise all the time -
I want to know what I have to do to fix the steering clunk noise on my car. Thank you! -
I feel a bumping sensation in steering at slower speeds.i"ve been told it's the intermediate drive shaft.haven't had it repaired yet -
I also have that clunking noise coming from the steering column -
Steering has clunking sound when driving.Technician said intermediate steering shaft has too much slack -
A mild clunking noise has been heard/felt when I turn ever since I bought the car new. I decided if it didn't get any worse that it was something I could live with. So far, so good. -
Pulled shaft out and lubed it -
Clunk in the steering. Been told it is a known problem, and the steering shaft has to be replaced. Should be under warranty as I beleive this is a recall. -
Replaced intermediate steering shaft -
Two years ago it started with clicking noises when turn right. It got worse, now when turn left or right there were loud clunking noises, some time it sounds like rubber rubbing and at slow speed while making turn there were jumps feels like the tire is coming off. Replaced new drive axils, front wheel bearings and shock assembly none of those solve the issues. Last thing to do will be the Intermediate Steering before junk this Impala. -
Mechanic replaced steering piston shaft in late 2014. Cost about $200 . Problem solved -
Clunking issue at when turning at low speeds hope is don't get any worse -
Noise and harshness from steering when vehicle shifts front to back or back to front -
Technician replaced the "steering sector shaft" - about a $150 repair. It was about a 1/2 hour job with no need to re-align the front end. And now no clunk! -
It happened to me at 25,000 miles. Replacenent covered by warranty. Happened again at 60,000. Dealer put a "Lube Kit" in it, fixed clunking. Started again at 149,000. Learned to live with it. Not fixing again. Looking for a different car. -
Shaft was replaced and resolved problem for aboput 2 years. Problem returned. -
from a stop, if i turn the steering hard to the left i will hear and feel a clunk. it actually feels like the wheel hops when accelerating from a stop but it isn't. -
It's not been fixed but the steering column makes noise at times -
Greased myself. -
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