Toyota Pickup Problem Report

Toyota Pickup Stalling Due to Primary Wiring Harness Rubbing Through Ignition Coil Wire Insulation

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The Ignition Coil wire insulation is often rubbed through by the Primary wiring harness which will cause a stalling/no-start condition. The coil wire will need to be replaced and the primary harness will need to be repaired and re-routed.

Where the cable enters the coil, it arcs like crazy. I haven't fixed it yet. Don't know how. Just replace the cable? -
My car started and then the starter tried to turn over a second time while it was running. I turned it of and disconnected the battery. when I reconnected it the car would not start. That was when I started to take it apart noticed the wiring harness was being rubbed. and wires where cut. I reconnected, insulated, and moved the wiring harness to a better spot. -
mine is stalling as well due to wiring harness problems. it's frustrating -
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