Buick Regal Problem Report

Buick Regal Stalling Due to Mass Air Flow or Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure

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The mass air flow or crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to intermittently stall. It may be necessary for the engine to cool down before it will restart.

Car would shut off randomly, at first only after it had been running for a while, but it got worse and would stall any time/at least twice per day. Replace mass air flow sensor 3 days ago, hasn't stalled since. -
Car dies varies times no special speed or RPM Finally security light comes on, pointing to the key and/or ignition switch. Traded to wife's original, seldom used key After the three minutes, car started drove the 1800 miles home with no more problems. Buick dealership wanted to replace crank sensor at $200. Maybe a good guess generally. The key is just another thing to check. Book also suggested just clean the key. At the 240000 on the 7000 mile trip the 3.8 did not require any added oil and still gets from 29 to 31 MPG at freeway speeds. Finding it hard to replace with a new car. -
Car stalling repeatedly, suddenly and without warning or sluggish performance. No DTC codes found with Actron Scan Tool. Had shop run tests, they recommended either MAF and/or CPS replacement. Replaced MAF myself, but stalling continued; then ran code scanner again, and popped P0336, stating pending CPS problem. Considered this definitive proof of cause of stalling. Scheduled CPS replacement. -
intermittent killing now wont start cleaned mass air flow no longer pull up code for maf just replaced crankshaft position sensor....problem solved...no more MAF code either -
while driving down the road the car would just shut off, and i would have to wait for a few minutes before it starts again -
Crankshaft sensor failure caused vehicle to stall at highway speed. -
the car stalls aleast twice a day weather i drive at high or low speeds. -
Acted like out of gas due to resulting over lean - $500 sensor fix -
Horrible. Never completely fixed, replaced mass aiirflow sensor -
It stalls while im on the express and stops on you car is very dangerous -
Car didn't stall, but rpms would bounce from 500-1300 at idle. Car previously had a steady idle of 1000 rpms prior to MAF sensor failing. -
Had to have new sensor put in car after having it stall 3 times while on my way to work. -
Replaced car has 180,000 -
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