Dodge Dakota Problem Report

Dodge Dakota Stalling Caused by Faulty Distributor Plate

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The distributor pickup plate commonly fails causing intermittent stalling, or the engine may not start (usually when the engine is hot).

my truck keeps stalling and wont start for about half hour. -
truck starts and idles perfectly, but you must feather accelelerator to get up to speed. will run great at all speeds, but will die at stop signs. will restart immediatly, -
MY 1996 dodge dak stalls just like that and the check vale vaccum hoses keep blowing off -
Truck would sometimes not start, just crank over but no start. Replaced the cam position sensor and seams to have fixed the problem. -
drive for 2-3 days then stalls won't start for about 30-50 min then runs fine for 3-7 days don't know whats causing it -
Occasionally when I have driven for 15-20 miles, shut it off, then when I am ready to go, it spins but never fires. Leave it for an hour and everything is good again. Replaced the fuel pump and the cam shaft position indicator, nothing. -
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