Chevrolet Tahoe Problem Report

Chevrolet Tahoe Speedometer or Other Instrument Panel Gauge May Work Erratically

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The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times. Our technicians tell us that the instrument cluster must be sent to a repair facility to correct this fault. The warranty has been extended on some of these units to 7 years or 70,000 miles.

i had the same problem and found a guy that for about a 150.00 he pulled the dash and replaced all the gauge units - seems the original gauges fuel and speed etc have a small motor unit that drys out n cracks so it doesnt work first sometimes then more n more - after 2 failed speed n oil i looked into it and now it works great again - was a real easy fix if you know how to remove the solder right n solder em back on also finding teh little motor part would be a hasle - or you can have teh dealer just replace the whole unit instead for 400-600 , but pay a guy to do it lots less stress n time ( took him about 30 min to replace all 6 ) -
My speedometer and other panel gauges work sometimes and sometimes they don't. Never can tell when this will happen. I can turn the ignition off and turn on again and sometime they will work or if I'm ridding along I will hear a clunk and they will just start working. -
My panel cluster gauge needle function is shot to hell. Nothing works. Took it to the dealer and will have to keep my car for 2 days, will replace the panle but I have to pay 300.00 for labor. I called GM and found out absolutely nothing. Guess I will have to pay. -
I was notified of this issue when I took my vehicle to the dealership they refused to fix it. I have taken my tahoe to no less that 4 separate dealerships, and yet to have the issue repaired. They refuse. I have contacted gm about this as well. If you have a tech bulletin and or recall on the issue why do they refuse to repair it. Speedometer is inoperable. Oil pressure inoperable. Check engine light stays on when no codes are present. -
My tachometer and my fuel gauge have been working incorrectly for some time now but it has been worse lately. Is this a recall from Chevrolet for this year model. -
Speedometer acted up, there are 6 stepper motors, one for each gauge, that can be replaced. Bought them off Amazon for $7.50 a piece. A little soldering, about $20 total fixed. -
I was driving home from a trip and about 1 hour into the drive, the speedometer just starting reading the wrong speed. I was on the highway at 65 mph and the next time I looked down...without slowing read 20mph. It stayed that way...until I stopped for gas. After I stopped the car and turned it off to pump gas, it started working again when I got back on the road. It has only happened this once so I haven't looked into fixing it yet. -
oil pressure flatlines, speedometer erratic, fuel indicator do not move, rpm flexes in the opposite direction. Constant issue -
stop working the little screen i don't see the miles nothing no light i need help two get fixed -
the rpm and the temp gauge is going crazy.. -
Speedometer not working -
it's not working. Currently looking for a repair shop -
I have this problem my gaugse won't work sometime or like if I hit a seed bump they will start to work and then they won't work 2004 Chevy suburban -
Can't. Read speedometer, system malfunction alert light, mileage, tire pressure warning or rearview mirror light. -
Speedometer would read 90mph with Tahoe in PARK. It now reads 0 ALL the time, I called Chevy and they said it was the instrument cluster. -
Cluster is dead -
Speedometer working erratically and fuel gauge would not go below half. Sent gauge cluster to GM Gauge Repair. They are in Onalaska, Wisconsin. $125.00 for total rebuild which includes return shipping. Good job and quick turn around time. Cluster is easy to remove. Videos on line. -
The odometer lens mileage is turn off the light is off -
All Gauges on instrument panel have stopped working. -
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