Chevrolet Impala Problem Report

Chevrolet Impala Speedometer or Other Instrument Panel Gauge May Work Erratically

(170 reports)

The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times. Our technicians tell us that the instrument cluster must be sent to a repair facility to correct this fault.

the temperature gague said that my car was overheating, but the engine warning light never came on and i had plenty of coolant. took it to the mechanic, he couldn't find any problems other then the sensor possibly being bad. he changed that out and the gague worked fine for about 2,000 more miles & then went PAST the red line and all the way around. I found a way to reset it, but it just kept going back, so I dont even bother with it anymore. -
I went on a long drive and the speedometer went crazy. Just shot up to past 100 mph and then spun around like a clock hand. Same exact thing happened to temp. gauge. Car never overheated but gauge is not working and just bounces around where ever and then stops where ever and freezes when I turn the car off. I had water pump replaced last year and have kept perfect tune ups on vehicle. I am going to try to replace sensors first. -
Speedometer only works when it wants to. Using GPS to relate to speed. Have gotten a speeding ticket due to this fault. Cannot get repaired as the Chevy dealer said it takes a few weeks and the whole instrument panel has to be removed, plus is very costly. Don't have the money to repair. DEFECTIVE! -
First the speedometer worked off and on and then finally stopped with needle going all over and stopping. Then the temperature gauge finally stopped working. The Fuel Gauge still works fine. I have been told the 2005 trucks had this problem and recalled but not the 2005 Chevrolet Impala. -
Instrument cluster has gone haywire. Sometime when I'm taking off at a light, it bumps, feels like someone has hit me from behind. Heater core went out, coolant leaks, has a small oil leak......... -
The temperature needle goes past the red zone when I turned the engine on. This happened in the morning when the engine had been off all night and the engine is cool to the touch. I turned on and off several times then the indicator returned to its normal range -
Fuel and temp gauge are reading erratic. They're going from 0 to 260 degrees on the coolant temp and sometimes past the top temp, almost wrapping around. The fuel gauge is almost doing the wrap around also. To get it back to show normal, you have to turn the ignition to the acc on turn it back off. You have to keep doing this to get it back to reading normal -
Can no longer trust speedometer and fuel gauge went out long ago. Gauge fuel by trip meter now and use portable GPS for speed. -
gauges sticking or don't work -
Fuel and temp gauges haven't worked for awhile. Speedometer doesn't register correctly but odometer still works. -
All guages quit working. Bought rebuilt from Rock Auto with my mileage calibrated in it. -
All instrument on dash move erratically saying change oil soon and service air bag -
Sometimes reads about 40-45 mph slower than actual speed. -
None of the gages in my Impala work. The gas, speedometer, temp, RPM's all have stopped -
Speedometer and oil pressure guages not reading properly. -
First the speedometer stopped working properly a few years ago and this morning the fuel and temperature gauge stopped working. The needles move past the max for each of them and sometimes the speedometer needle will go all the way around. -
Speedometor and gas gauge both operate erradically. -
Speedometer,Gas indicator, temperature gauge not working any more. The abs light comes on all the time, the traction active light comes on all the time. Service engine soon light stays on. I have had them checked nothing wrong. -
Our Impala's problem is RPM and temperature gauges are not reading within the gauge range. The Impala runs but we are concerned that it will over heat or blow an engine if we drive it. Does anyone know if a recall has been issued for this problem? The guy at auto parts store said, "GM has knowledge of this issue on all of their vehicles from 2000-2004. His mom's car has the same issue. He also said it costs about $650.00 to fix it." I asked about dealership,He said, "You don't want to even know what they will charge you!" -
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