Speedometer does not work. on 1994 Honda Accord

Speedometer works about 10% of the time. You may be driving down the road a couple miles and all sudden it will start working than sudden it will stop working. It is just very random when it works. Any ideals is it by chance the vvs or something else going on. Thanks

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On the Accord the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) mounted on the top of the transmission is the unusual failure.It has two bolts securing it and three wire connection to it. The same fuse supplies power to the tachometer and speedometer, does the tach work when speedometer fails. The VSS puts out a small ac voltage that increases with vehicle speed.

See if cruise control works when speedometer fails, it requires VSS input, it would also lean more toward VSS failure. Best to look for power at VSS with key on engine off I think it is 5 volts then look for ac volt signal as road speed increases. Relitively high failure rate, if VSS sensor is cheap try may be cheaper (quick for you to replace) than a trip to the repair shop but I hate replacing parts without proving they are bad.
Tach works fine. It is just the speedometer just wants to work random. I heard the also the that it could be the guage. Is it possible. Thanks
You have a couple of different things that could cause that.
1. Bad speedometer
2. Bad cable, I pretty sure that car still has a cable.
3. Bad transmission of a part inside of it, like the drive gear
The connector usually gets corroded really bad and the pins of the sensor as well I've seen them so bad they break off .
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