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My car didnt start after i put gas, i ask for a jump and right away it started. As soon as i turn the head lights on the rpm and mph gauge went down and headlight dimmed really low radio shut off.i had to keep driving...
I got the crank sensor change because it was reading bad the car still rolls over about 3 or 4 times before it starts. As am driving and the RPM goes up an reaches 3 the car jurks even if am in natural and pressing ba...
Transmission pulls a hill a little slow sometimes
car starts sometimes. turns over wont start runs good when it starts
recently, got rough transmission only when car used over 30 min
I have a 2005 Honda Accord. Engine light, break light, all my lights are on on my dashboard, my radio doesn't work, when I try to crank my car it won't turn over like it's not getting gas up top. What shall I do?
I think its a solenoid problem its slipps in 1st an 2nd gear when in 3rd it drives without slipping but the rmp keep raising high like 5 an more just going like 35 an don't go down till I slow down an starts to downs...
My brother changed the plugs and wires on his 2000 accord and now its not firing...what could it be
I took my 2005 Accord to a Honda dealership because it was vibrating (it would start at about 20-25 mph then it would stop at higher speeds). They said that I needed to have both front axles replaced. I chose to have ...
new wires, spark plugs, fuel filter and did a compression check all good. no codes but 4$3 plugs is black compare to 2&1 look to be pretty good and real slow about picking up speed converter have remove.Please help
check engine light blinks rapidly 3 times then rapidly 6 times pauses then slowly 4 times. How do I go about finding the codes. Thnx.
I recently had a radiator replaced and since then on 5 different occasions when driving the car just looses complete power. I have had air on when this happens. After maybe three minuets it starts right back up and on...
In the middle of driving my car cuts off. I've noticed in cooler times of the day my car is fine, about 2:30 pm when it's warmer my car will start but will shut back off. My check engine light just popped on but I've ...
This happened once before and I move the gear shift through the gears a few times and after about 20 mins. It finally started. This time it won't start at all after 2 days trying. I am stranded.
Also car doesn't inch forward when foot is off brake and gas pedal also brakes become very touchy and stiff
possible blockage, and my gauges were reading high pressure until i let out freon then they read normal but the compressor still wasnt kicking on. what am i doing wrong.
the condenser comes on but there is very little air coming thru the vents, it is full of freon or so the or atleast that is what the gages are reading. but it has very high pressure, like there might be a blockage. an...
Have tried turning steering wheel while trying to turn key, keeping foot on brake while trying to turn key, etc.
or if I'm setting still with the engine idling then turn the a/c off the engine goes dead
It happens every time it rains and when I hope my trunk of my car over. My gas pedal and on drivers side of the trunk puts in when I open it after a rain.
i tested my car with a obd scanner and it popped up this code ? is my car ok to drive ?