Software Updates Are Available Which May Solve Various Electrical/Lighting Problems on Dodge Charger

Software updates are available which may correct various electrical problems with the interior features and lighting.

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Average mileage: 91,908 (9,400–201,000)
6 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011
37 people reported this problem
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Center dash lights not working or partially working
All head lights go off and on at night, flashing other driver's. I bought a new light switch and problem came back. I don't know what else it it can be. Or what to do. Scared dealership will over charge for a simple fix. Like a soft ware update or something.
2007 Dodge Charger 76,500 mi,
My display screen comes on when I start the car then goes out can still change radio presets and volume works but no navigation or time or anything on that screen
2006 Dodge Charger 92,000 mi,
all the warning lights come on and off
2006 Dodge Charger 53,000 mi,
dasg lights and guages come on while driving, not responding engine light on and other warning lights brakes etc blinking on and off, gauges mph, rpms dieing and fluctuating with by themselves...had engine codes checked code came back u0141 and u0103... dont know what wrong... 06 dodge charger daytona edtion hemi 5.7l
2006 Dodge Charger 116,000 mi,
now of the dash lights work, so when im driving at night time I cant see anything on the dash
2006 Dodge Charger 201,000 mi,
turning on lights at dusk while driving, the dash lights dim add flicker from lighter to dimmer and after about a minute the dash lights appear normal. It also occurs intermmitenly out of the clear blue all the guages go haywire for a few seconds and then its ok.
2006 Dodge Charger 74,000 mi,
Car just shuts off while driving. It shuts off for a couple seconds then starts right back up.
lighting and electrical problems
2007 Dodge Charger 40,450 mi,
park lites,turn signals,power windows,power moon roof, stereo,nav,wind shield wipers/washer all went in-op at once, esp-bas-air bag-traction control lites all on. software update fixed problems
Was driving at 60 mph all of a sudden my dash gauges went off and on like crazy. I thought it might stop.
2006 Dodge Charger 173,598 mi,
While driving all dash warning lights flash on, gauges go to zero, radio turns off, turn signals if in use stop working. This lasts a few seconds and then all returns to normal. This happens every 15 seconds (I timed it.)
2007 Dodge Charger 9,400 mi,
Warning lights, speed guage, rpm guage, fuel guage, heater all flash/fluctuate while driving, not consistent time of day, not effecting engine, no stalling
2006 Dodge Charger 85,000 mi,
The Instrument cluster lights no longer illuminate
2006 Dodge Charger 145,000 mi,
Been having problems for a while now. . No rear taillights at night while not braking.. navigation display issues. . Headlights goingon and off
2007 Dodge Charger 137,500 mi,
Gauges flash on and off, a/c stops blowing when they do, and headlights flicker on and off. After that all gauges die for awhile and tgen flickers again. Car has stalled one time during this otherwise the vehicle still drives. It's like live wires are touching and causing reaction.
2006 Dodge Charger 90,000 mi,
While driving my car all dash lights will flash once or twice and chime then they will go out only keeping on my engine light.
2007 Dodge Charger 75,000 mi,
An inch of the right side of the screen has blacked out.
2007 Dodge Charger 105,327 mi,
Half the radio lights went off and then the volume started acting funny. Driving down the road one day and the channels started changing and the volume went all the way down. A couple of months later, all the lights on the radio, besides the clock, went black and haven't come back on. The volume will turn down, when I am turning it up.
2010 Dodge Charger 16,400 mi,
I am having problems with my signal light knob when I turn left it does work, click or a flash I was just wondering what would cause that problem