Software Updates Are Available Which May Solve Various Electrical/Lighting Problems on Dodge Magnum

Software updates are available which may correct various electrical problems with the interior features and lighting.

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Average mileage: 98,287 (14,326–200,000)
4 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
42 people reported this problem
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problem details
bought a 05 mag and have lights flickering dash and head lights tail lights reverse lights battery dead. I took alternator out and had checked at parts store but they could not test. So I took it 2 a rebuilder he said fine. I put back in and bringing it to dealer tomorrow for ECM flash update file #18003-05. Supposed to be the fix hope it's a cheap fix but u never know @ the stealership.
My dodge magnum headlights are coming on and while drive not pulsating but flickering off then back on
2006 Dodge Magnum 75,000 mi,
guages stop working; all warning lights come on. back to normal, then it does it again, at least 3-4 times. Doesn't affect the operation of the car, so i just deal with it.
lights flash on and off and the dash lights don't work
Flashing headlights and dash lights. Not fixed yet.
2005 Dodge Magnum 100,000 mi,
Headlights and dash lights flicker on and off
Headlights pulse (along with dash lights). Applying gas to vehicle does not affect pulsation. Was informed that a computer flash will solve problem.
Began with 1 brake light bulb out. Replaced it. 2 days later the other one went out, then the signal lights a elk s back up lights. Replaced all with new bulbs twice. Nothing. Upper center brake light on hatch works fine. Dealership says nothing is wrong. HELP!
dash lights and exterior lights pulse at all times
2005 Dodge Magnum 108,000 mi,
my airbag light stays on for passenger and driver tacometer, stop moving and engine light stays on
2005 Dodge Magnum 60,000 mi,
All lights pulse as if voltage is fluctuating.
2005 Dodge Magnum 50,000 mi,
The head lights and all interior lights go out and.eventually come back on
head light flash on and off , same with dash lights, now tail lights quit working. fuses all good. not fixed. still working on it
Batt. light comes on and dash lights and headlights pulsate.
2007 Dodge Magnum 98,000 mi,
First my right signal light went out. Dodge dealer ship charged me $200. 1 month later left brake light went out and i was charged another $200. My right signal light went out again so this fix was free. Now my headlights flicker off and on. This is really getting ridiculous. How many reports are needed before they do a recall?
2006 Dodge Magnum 115,000 mi,
Dashboard lights, head lights, tail lights, keep turning on and off randomly. . Does anybody know what the issue could be?
2006 Dodge Magnum 197,000 mi,
Headlights turn off or flash at random
06 magnum. I have had the same light issues. The problem is your headlight cluster switch. Hat needs to be replaced for the lights to stop working on their own.
2005 Dodge Magnum 119,000 mi,
My headlights are flickering on and off when turned on.