Dodge Magnum Problem Report

Dodge Magnum Software Updates Are Available Which May Solve Various Electrical/Lighting Problems

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Software updates are available which may correct various electrical problems with the interior features and lighting.

bought a 05 mag and have lights flickering dash and head lights tail lights reverse lights battery dead. I took alternator out and had checked at parts store but they could not test. So I took it 2 a rebuilder he said fine. I put back in and bringing it to dealer tomorrow for ECM flash update file #18003-05. Supposed to be the fix hope it's a cheap fix but u never know @ the stealership. -
lights flash on and off and the dash lights don't work -
guages stop working; all warning lights come on. back to normal, then it does it again, at least 3-4 times. Doesn't affect the operation of the car, so i just deal with it. -
Flashing headlights and dash lights. Not fixed yet. -
Began with 1 brake light bulb out. Replaced it. 2 days later the other one went out, then the signal lights a elk s back up lights. Replaced all with new bulbs twice. Nothing. Upper center brake light on hatch works fine. Dealership says nothing is wrong. HELP! -
dash lights and exterior lights pulse at all times -
All lights pulse as if voltage is fluctuating. -
Headlights pulse (along with dash lights). Applying gas to vehicle does not affect pulsation. Was informed that a computer flash will solve problem. -
my airbag light stays on for passenger and driver tacometer, stop moving and engine light stays on -
door locks wont lock and/or unlock headlamp switch went at 90,000 left rear window intermittently won t go down on and off since 30,000. -
Dash lights pulsate. There is a box in your dash where you turn on your interior lights. Had it fixed and 9 months later the problem started again! -
Tail lights will not work. Changed bulbs and still will not work. Checked fuses and still will not work. -
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