Dodge Caravan Problem Report

Dodge Caravan Software Updates May Help Harsh Shifting

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Software updates are available that may help with harsh shifting issues. Software updates are commonly more effective on newer vehicles. It is possible for a mechanical failure to also cause a harsh shifting problem. Whenever mechanical transmission repairs are performed, the software should be checked and updated as necessary.

developed this condition seems like over time. had the trans solenoid pack changed because it was leaking, didn't help but maybe fells more harsh @ times? leak stopped. when it fells harsh 1-2 shift,(shudder) or 3-2 down shift which is actually an idle undershoot and feel. Point is I never remember feeling the veh shift @ all,it was always really smooth. I thougt maybe this is a TPS issue but just don't know? There are No Codes,No Check Engine light and No Trans computer updates or Flashes... -
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