Jeep Grand Cherokee Problem Report

Jeep Grand Cherokee Software Updates Address Erroneous Illumination of Warning Lights

(14 reports)

Software updates are available to solve various Check Engine Light and warning light related issues.

abs lights on and cruise not working but brakes seem to have no problem -
all brake warning lights are on but no code not working at onset of this problem -
ABS service 4wd light comes on does not have any mechanical issue -
The warning is about the front differential- -
ABS warning light comes on,goes off after sitting over night,comes back on with in a few miles of travel.Took to garage,ran tests, could not pin point problem,the two options, they gave me, is going to run into a lot of money,not sure that that will fix problem?,, -
light apopears for no reason, not sure how to apply software updates -
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