Honda Element Problem Report

Honda Element The Vehicle May Move Faster Than Expected After Cold Start

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There are complaints of the vehicle moving faster than expected when cold and in gear with our foot off the throttle. A software update from Honda which should correct this concern.

On quick start, without warm up; the rpm jumps 500rpm higher when i put in drive. -
at stop sign stopped proceed to take foot of brake my surged like a bat out of hell and my brakes did not help had to turn off key to ignition -
not fixed. is there a software problem and can that be verified? -
I've noticed this from the beginning of owning my Honda element. -
Move very quickly forward when I first take my foot off the break. -
When starting cold (meaning engine not up to operating temperature and idle at 'fast idle/cold' speed) and I move forward from my garage and take my foot off the brake the car will LUNGE forward unexpectedly regularly. Was a bit scary the first time. Have not yet had problem addressed. -
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