Toyota RAV4 Problem Report

Toyota RAV4 Software update to correct false catalytic converter failure

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Toyota released a software update to fix a problem that caused the Check Engine Light to come on. Before the update, the computer would report a problem with the catalytic converter when there wasn't one.

Had the catalytic converter replace, 5 months later check engine light again for catalytic converter failure and replaced it again. -
Check engine light on, dealer states it's the catalytic converter -
My engine light came on, turned if off, then it come on again, turned if off, drove 50 miles, passed smog test, then the light came back on. Been on since after the test, almost been two years, need a smog test next summer. -
The check engine light comes on. It indicates the converter needs replaced inorder for the car to pass PA emission inspection. I checked with my local Toyota garage and they said there isn't a software upate to correct the faulty check engine light. Can someone give me specfic info that I can give to the garage? -
Car runs beautiful and yet the stupid codes po420 & po430 keep popping up. ON ANOTHER NOTE: If your transmission is slipping, don't replace it! There's another flaw with with the 2001 2002 2003 Toyota RAV4 2WD Engine Computer ECM ECU PCM unit. The flaw unit caused my transmission to slip, making it appear my transmission was going out. I called the dealer, and they were clueless about the Toyota Rav4 having flaw ECM unit. (YEAH RIGHT) I bought a refurbished unit on ebay for $135 with (stronger modified circuts) and put it in myself. It took 30 mins to take out and install the new one. No more transmission slippage! Car runs like brand new again! -
local mechanic told me of toyota software update to fix false check engine light. verified by google search. reported to toyota which made good on fix. never received recall or other notice of problem from toyota -
Diagnosed po420, bank 1 and 2 failed .po430 bank 1 and 2 failed. -
Had my 2001 Toyota RAV catalytic converter replaced by a Toyota Dealership. Six years late at 178,000 miles I was told the cat converter had to be replaced. exactly 2 years later and at 192,890 miles, check engine light comes on and being told cat converter again. -
If not updated light will come on about every 500 miles after being cleared -
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