Suzuki Grand Vitara Problem Report

Suzuki Grand Vitara shift lever stuck in park.

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Can't move automatic transmission out of park. Used "shift lock" on console to move shifter. Called Suzuki Service. He said " it sounded like a blown fuse. He asked if I had brake lights [and I don't] and told me the name of an actuator fuse. I looked in the operator's manual and could not find the fuse he mentioned. Pulled the brake light fuse and it is ok. Scheduled a repair visit. -
shift lever stuck in park. How can I solve the problem. It is much problem me that I am woman. Thanks -
I have the same problem. Car was put in park and now it seems like the automatic trans shifter is not engaging to shift out of park. Any help out there would be appreciated. -
stuck in park. i was able to shift the car manually at the transmission. hit the release [ inside the console] and the lever moves but does not shift. can't find a manual for the car hope some one else has had the problem and can help. -
Cannot shift from Park, (locked in PARK). -
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