Service 4WD System Warning Light On on Jeep Commander

The service 4WD system light may illuminate with no fault codes stored in the final drive control module (FDCM). Our technicians tell us a software update for the FDCM is available to correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 93,635 (10,273–216,000)
Drive Trains affected: 4WD, Automatic Transmission
5 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010
125 people reported this problem
57 people shared problem details
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD71,000
service 4 wd message comes on when I try to put in 4wd low
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD56,000
have abs warning light , esp warning light and service 4 wheel drive sys indicator . have appointment to check it .
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD47,000
I had a bad starter and replaced it. Everthing seemed fine However, next day engine light came on and I had it reset now I have service 4wd system light. any ideas?
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD66,500
When engaging 4 wheel low the "service 4 wheel drive system" comes on
2010 Jeep Commander- 4WD48,200
Ever since they flashed my cpu the 4wd low will not engage. Service 4wd system warning displays.
Service 4wd system light comes on occasionally.
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD90,000
Message Four wheel drive Service needed
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD56,302
FDCM recall was applied and no working 4wd Low after. Service 4wd system warning. Still not resolved by the dealer - they are claiming it wasn't the reflash that caused the fault
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD52,000
Mine also started after recall flash. Took to dealer and they reflashed with new update fix. 4low worked in their parking lot. A month later went to use my boat and service light is back on. Taking to dealer again and see what they say. Hey jeep get your software updates right before telling people of recall. This is a second time chrysler has issued recalls to me and did not resolve problems without several trips to dealerships. I have owned jeeps for 30 years maybe its time to look elsewhere.
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD100,000
occured after the n23 recall
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD90,000
$700 to fix at dealer
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD90,000
Mine did that too. But, nothing ever came about
2008 Jeep Commander- Automatic Transmission62,000
service 4 wheel drive light is on and it will not go into 4 low
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD131,000
I ran the diagnostic by turning on and off the vehicle 3 times. When I turned it on the Jeep was now in 4wd Low and I couldn't get it out until I pressed something to put the transfer into neutral then again to get it back to regular driving mode.
2008 Jeep Commander- 4WD84,000
JKeep was reprogrammed three times now they are telling me. That the 4wd acurator is bad
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD64,000
Service 4 wd
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD138,624
4 wheel drive needs serviced
2006 Jeep Commander- 4WD132,000
Service 4WD System
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD83,533
The 4WD System Service light comes on when I pull the 4WD switch
2007 Jeep Commander- 4WD116,000
I have the same issue, was reading up could be the actuator or transfer case module..
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