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standard transmission, 125k really trouble free miles. Very low clutch point. Turn key off, sometimes open hood, next crank, up and running fine. Starter wire? ignition? Usually only first thing in morning
I ran over a brick on accident driving on the highway and it bent my front driver's side rim. The tire itself is fine, only the actual wheel part needs to be replaced. How much should that cost? The wheel itself and t...
Recently two serpentine belts were replaced, but the squeaking noise does not stop. The noise only happens when I turn the A/C or Heater on. The car has 77,000 miles on it and the "Maintenance Required" light comes on...
It seems like it may be the cable that attaches to the knob. can you offer the procedure on how to replace this cable, or if you think it may be something else?
rear wiper should swipe the rear window, mine swipes below the rear window to the body of the rear hatch
When starting my 2006 xBit cranks for an extended amount of time before catching. It always starts but it tends to take longer than it should. Sometimes when the engine is warm it will start immediately. The battery h...
how to change ac expansion valve in my 2006 scion xb
with the o2 sensor before replacing the cat. converter. Car runs fine not sluggish has no bad odor with exhaust..