The Scion xB stalls at a stoplight but runs great possible timing chain replace

On dash broad under my clock the words TRIP A just appeared

I have had a problem with the fog lights covers coming off, the lowest grill side snap on pieces coming off, and the trunk hatch coming off and have also noticed many other cars here in boise Idaho have the same issue.

I am having a hard time locating and removing starter.

The line doesn't have air in or it doesn't have fluid neither what do I do???????

Battery was dead, charged it, car started, then check engine light came on and car won't go over 5 mph

I was driven down the interstate when i heard a ticking, everytime i would give it the gas. To save what i had, i put the car in neutral and coasted to the next exit. After i turned the car off and noticed oil splatter under the hood, it wouldnt turn back over. I had it towed to my house the following day. Theres hardly any water in the radiator and milky oil on the stick. It will only run and stay running if i keep my foot on the pedal.thinkin its a head gasket, already bout the stretch bolt and head gasket kit.

RPM go up then it drops back down to 2nd gear. Not a smooth transition. Cold weather not an issue


we installed the new battery drove it a 1 day (did clean the battery terminals) and then it died again could it be something other then the alternator like a fuse or anything cheaper to fix possibly? the car wont hold a charge even if we try to jump start it. The only way to turn it on is to let the battery charger sit on it.

Can I use a class one hitch, a lift carrier for my 135 lbs scooter, on my XB safely? The salesman said it would bend my XB frame.

Car runs great, no hesitation, no smoke, no overheating. Had the front wheel bearings replaced at Precision Tune and then this started happening. Took it back 5 times and each time they say they have corrected the problem. Tired of looking at the lights on the dashboard. The car has 166,000 trouble-free miles on it.This is the first issue that has me stumped. Any thoughts? All information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

standard transmission, 125k really trouble free miles. Very low clutch point. Turn key off, sometimes open hood, next crank, up and running fine. Starter wire? ignition? Usually only first thing in morning