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I was wondering how much it should be to replace a hood (new hood and paint)?
First I have a 2004 scion xb. With 150000 miles and all original parts, except for the brakes, rotors, tires. Stuff like that. Now my a/c had gone out for aboutThe a/c is out and the heat just quit.
Replace sensor in Bank 1 sensor 1 and problem still continue, what else need to be check, please advise..thanks
all of these lights came on and my car shifts really hard and also will shift into neutral while I'm driving and slam back into gear. when I pulled the code it said transmission range sensor and I'm wondering if any o...
I remove a ground with a test light from the negative battery cable to the negative battery post. I still have a small draw it flashes like a turn signal or hazard light flashing. The door is open light flashes even w...
my car makes loud noise when accelerating and the mechanic told me to replace my motor mounts.
Pads and drums just replaced---squeak has returned! Is there a TSB?
It started with the battery light coming on then the red over heat light came on. when i opened up the hood the water resuvouer cap had pop open i added more coolant and closed it but still was over heating.
The rear door locks, both sides will not work when using the remote or the driver's door button for all locks?
In cold weahter my car takes an longer to turn over than it does in the summer months. it is about 4 seconds to the less than 1 second in the summer. Should i have the altenator or battery replaced, they are both orig...
I was driving on the highway and the car just turned off. The panel lights all came on. Car wont start. I had to get it towed. When I try and start it it makes like a subtle winding noise. Please help I dont even...