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On my Saturn 1997 wagon SW2, it is leaking gas from the return fuel line in the engine area. I was told that this line (the part) is not available individually, and that I would have to replace the entire fuel line a...
I replaced the eis fuse and it keeps blowing
Need vent flap fixed so outside air does not keep being blown into the car
My seatbelt is broken on my drivers side, and all the auto salvage places in my area do not have a matching seat for me. So now i'm trying to figure out if there is another car seat that is interchangeable with mine.
what are the codes i have change these parts already still getting this codes
egr and o2 sensor was change but we're still getting a code vehicle runs good what need to be done
They don't make the brake light socket for this car anymore and would like to know if newer models/years are interchangeable please.
I would like to know how to remove the fuse block under the hood of my 1997 Saturn SW2 Thanks and have a great day. Tom
It is a 1997 front wheel drive standard SW2 and did not come with an owners manuel or any other information.
transmission seal leak
will a 1999 engine fit my 1997 both are 1.9 dohc vin 7 with auto trans
i have a transmission leak i sealed the transmission but i think its from a hoes coming from the transsmission which cables are part of the trans that provides fluid through the car
my rear windows will not go up or down ,a black piece of plastic is broken,that connect to the regulator.