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I would like to know step by step the best way to change out the clutch on my Saturn
I need a diagram or step by step directions
fuel stopped working a while ago so i was using my trip meter to judge when i needed gas (180 miles is when i stopped) but now thats not working as well. i dont have much money, so if its cheaper to fix one over the o...
Timing chain is broken. Mechanic did compression test on engine. Two cylinders are only showing 50lbs compression instead of normal 100lbs. Mileage is 159,000 miles. What is estimated cost of repair in addition to tim...
how to replace the clutch on 1994 sw2 without removing the motor
Car has less then 100K miles, but when I put it in reverse, it take few seconds to engage. I had the trans fluid change recently. Still have the same issue. Is this a common problem with the Saturn??