Need bolt size and torque value

At first, it would only go 60 mph, then it would only drive at 40 mph, now it will not go faster than 25-30mph!

We can not get our veh inspected due to problem with check engine light. What can we do please help we can not get veh reheated and everything is fine with engine .. We have had it looked at several times ... Please going crazy! I believe model to be sl2

I usually have to put antifreeze in the head gasket about every 3 weeks and whenever I would go around a turn or stop the oil light would come on. This happen for about a week. I planned on getting it look at that week. I was going home from school and it was making a terrible noise. I stopped and I tried to back up and it shut off. I tried to crank it back up and it wouldnt stay on. Once I finally got it go, It wouldnt go more than 35. It was smoking from the head gasket and I think the motor. I tried to fill it with oil and antifreeze and it still wouldnt go. I love my car. She seems like a good car. I only have 160k miles and nothing is wrong that I know of. I found another motor for $600 with 104k miles. Should I fix it?

We have had to jump it a couple times lately, which worked until today. There is power like, lights, radio, windows etc.. but now it won't even "click" turn over or anything. Nothing! I'm not sure where to start,... battery? Starter? Ignition? And is it ignition lock or switch? Please any help????

When I am driving at night the only thing that lights up on my dash is my miles sometimes I will get the symbol for my brightlights or headlights to light up what is wrong how do I fix it

The car runs perfect doesn't over heat or anything am just worried about the service engine light staying on and won't come off

low voltage on all injectors P0261-P0271
Ran all my tests from electrical, to blowing out my fuel lines, cleaning injectors, and car still fires and dies. Could the fuel pressure sensor cause this?

It was making a grinding noise when starting up but would stoperiod after a minute. Tries to recharge the ac like a week prior to noise.

Already will be trying the 30 minute reset procedure for Passlock. Is this a permanent solution?

The car went thru a puddle and now it wont start.

Replaced fluid and filter, old fluid was red, clear, smelled fine. Computer code P0733 Incorrect third gear ratio - Conditions correct for third gear ratio, No other codes First Gear operation not detected by computer Probable cause #1 Low Fluid #2 poor electrical connection #3 failed transmission.