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It was making a grinding noise when starting up but would stoperiod after a minute. Tries to recharge the ac like a week prior to noise.
Already will be trying the 30 minute reset procedure for Passlock. Is this a permanent solution?
The car went thru a puddle and now it wont start.
Replaced fluid and filter, old fluid was red, clear, smelled fine. Computer code P0733 Incorrect third gear ratio - Conditions correct for third gear ratio, No other codes First Gear operation not detected by compute...
I find nothing marked in the engine bay fuse box and no details or markings on the Haynes wiring diagrams. getting PO410 code pump runs when wired direct 12volt hoses and down tube clear
Cylinders 2 & 3 have no spark. Replaced coil pak for those cylinders same symptoms. Swapped out coil paks and the old one would fire on 1 & 4 but neither the new or the old would fire 2 & 3. Could the ICM cause fai...
Fuel Pump relay is OK, all fuses are visually OK. Getting no spark at all.
It almost feels like your getting bumped from behind when it shifts.Does it on every shift.
My daughter's key will barely turn the lock cylinder. Sometimes it takes quite a lot of wiggling to get it to work. I bought a new one from autozone online. It said it was the lock cylinder and keys. When it came,...
It appears the fan is OK and running in the morning before the heat of the day, but the hotter the outside temperature reaches, the less A/C comes out and the fan only works sporadicaly.
Well my car feels like it takes a little long to speed up and now its making a rough noise? What could be the problem?
Ok i got an answer on it this am and it wasn't doing it this morning or all day....now that I wentto the store I noticed the tempature rose to almost half way and it started to smoke real good and i pulled up in drive...