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The jerking gets worse the more it shifts gears. How can this be fixed
i went to 2 garages and they said 400 to drop the tank and fix the problem,they said its a voltage problem,PLEASE HELP!
I own a Saturn SL2, 01 and the service engine soon light comes on and stays on and never shuts off. I finally went to autozone and they tell me it's a secondary Air injection system fault and is mostly likely a defec...
I hooked it up to the computer and no hard codes noted
Told to drive it so the computer resets but we have driven it for over 500 miles no change to the check engine computer ODB test which stays in the yellow. Any suggestions?
I replaced the cooling fan relay and now the fan comes on when the air conditioning is on, but hasn't come on when the car is running without the A/C on. Has not overheated. Is there anything else that should me che...
On top of the EGR valve unit there is a socket for an electrical connection. Can someone please tell me where the plug comes from or is attached to so I can make the right connection. Sorry to say that I disconnected ...
My car started making this noise (similar to a cassette tape rewinding) while driving on the freeway. It stops when I bake and slow down below 40mph. Is t related to the brake/rotors?
lights. Dome light comes on with switch, but not by opening door. Messed with headlights and flicked on the brights and the rest of the lights came on. I had no power to the dimmer switch control. Prob just starte...
just had the trans replaced 1 last week know have PO442 code are the two related if not were should I look for the problem