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My car sometimes wont go in reverse and then doesn't want to shift out of first gear
this is my daughters car we are both dumb when it comes to this s*&t. She took her car to a shop yesterday. She had the oil changed the day before and car drove fine. Then next day she went to start and it wouldn't t...
A buzzing sound happens at all blower motor speeds but not when the blower is off! I hear this sound for a little less than a second then it stops for about 30 to 60 seconds and than does it again like before and agai...
I was driving down the freeway going 65 mph. My car has a oil problem and an acceleration prolem. With the acceleration problem I basically have to pump the gas pedal, the RPM hits 4 or 5 then it goes as fast as I'd l...
How do I replace the cylinder lock on a 1998 Saturn SL2 ?
How much it costs to replace the broken motor mount on 1998 Saturn SL2
Oil leak - just had the valve cover gasket replaced but still leaking from somewhere else. What are the most common oil leaks so I know what to look for when I take it to a garage?
My check engine light is on all the time.
Does the 1998 Saturn SL2 anti theft security system shut down the fuel pump?
I locked my car with my handheld remote, when I went to unlock my car, my remote would not work. I changed the battery and still got nothing.. My ignition is in lock out mode, due to remote control failure.. Is there ...
When I put on the breaks to bring it to a full stop, it revs up. This doesn't happen when I slow down. It also seems to idle fast. Not sure of the exact engine.