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It started knocking and was still running fine,then I hit a puddle of water and it got worse. Will run okay but lacks power and if I drive ten blocks to store and back it barely makes it back ,New plugs and wires and ...
it has been stalling and has a very loud clanging sound it soundn like it is in the front right part of the car....... i had brought it to get servicd to sears... they replaced sparks wires filter pvc valve, valve ...
Was doing oil change, plug might have got cross threaded, now just spins but won't tighten. Think pan has to come off, but not sure best way to do.
when first start up car in morning & its in drive the lights come on; but when shut off then started again there off. Changed both bulbs and the relay. What else could it be?
The noise is only while accelerating & seems to go away when up to speed. It doesn't hesitate or seem to have any power problems...just the noise.
while replacing the sensor I tapped the starter with my wrench and a few sparks came from the starter area? After that it turned over a few times and then it died completely? Please help .....!
Last week I drove to my sister's house and my coolant temp light came on while en route. Checked fluids, made note of what needed topping off. Last night my service engine light popped on and stayed on when I started ...
Key will turn and shows power but won't crank. Changed alternator & battery/cables are good. What else do I look for? Any advice would help!!!!
Where is it located & is it hard to replace?
Where is it located?
Put freon in car today and drove it up the road. Now it won't start. The lights and radio come on but just doesn't start. Changed alternator not to long ago also. What could it be?
153,000 miles on vehicle. Never changed the filter. I can't locate where the filter is.
Guess who ever had car before rigged one of spark plugs. Looks stripped. Had hard time taking out but finally got it out. Tried to put new plug but won't stay. Put old one back in & it stays but it looks as it needs t...