I have already put 1 gallon of premium gas in it and cleaned the throttle body

All the time, it happened about 6months ago but it was just recently that I discovered bit was doing it in all gears

Vehicle shuts off and is knocking

I have replaced the IAC valve and the spark plugs and wires and did check all fluids. now the car is still stalling out. I all so found out that the car is over heating and the cool fan will not cut on to cool the engine down. What can I do to fix these issues.

changed all 4 spark plugs, but nothing else. what should I do next to fix car. thanks

The cable behind the dash broke which causes my air conditioner to only blow through the front vent. I cannot change it to defrost or to my feet. Does anybody know what that cable is called so I can get a replacement? I got it checked out and the repairman said it was the cable, but didn't tell me what it was called. Thanks for the help

Check engine light on got a PO410 code what's wrong g

I have a 2001 Saturn SL1 it idles high and when stopped with either heater or air conditioning on it makes a rattling noise. Does anyone have any ideas on what it is causing it? Also only has 75,000 miles.Also sometimes heater doesn't get hot or takes a long time.

the clutch safety switch is not working. the car started just fine.I Went to the store,when I came out the car woudn't start,but I was able to pop start it.

have a light looks like a box with wavy lines at bottom and arrow pointing down

problem seems worse when trans is warm if slowing down to let car in front turn when reaccelerating will jump in and out of drive must shift to second

now the starter just clicks when i try to start.

I didn't know that the right size of tires of that car is 185/65/14, coz when I bought that car the tires that was on is 195/65/14, so I bought the same size for my winter tires, but when I went to Walmart to change my tires, he told me it can't be put on coz it's not the right size. So is it possible that to put on 190/70/14 ?