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Check engine light on got a PO410 code what's wrong g
I have a 2001 Saturn SL1 it idles high and when stopped with either heater or air conditioning on it makes a rattling noise. Does anyone have any ideas on what it is causing it? Also only has 75,000 miles.Also sometim...
the clutch safety switch is not working. the car started just fine.I Went to the store,when I came out the car woudn't start,but I was able to pop start it.
have a light looks like a box with wavy lines at bottom and arrow pointing down
problem seems worse when trans is warm if slowing down to let car in front turn when reaccelerating will jump in and out of drive must shift to second
now the starter just clicks when i try to start.
I didn't know that the right size of tires of that car is 185/65/14, coz when I bought that car the tires that was on is 195/65/14, so I bought the same size for my winter tires, but when I went to Walmart to change m...
Can I put 185/75/14 tires on my 2001 Saturn sc1?
I can lock both front doors with key. Not back. If I push the lock button on either back door, I hear a "static" sound. Next morning my battery is dead. Started two days ago.
Manual Transmission. Car in reverse, sitting still, release clutch to back up. Loud pop. Car will not move. Can shift to all gears and even sounds like transmission is engaging. Car does not move, engine revs as if...
Code used to go on & off every few weeks and gave me less problems in the winter. Now it has been on for a number of months.
What are the steps and whats the low to mid range price for rear struts with and without the coils(springs). Took a look at one of them,did not see any cracks. Not sure if there is any spring left in them.Car does not...
The dealership told me this morning that I need to replace the intake manifold gasket & valve cover gasket. Need quotes to compare prices.
Drove the car 50ish miles on saterday and now Monday will not start. I have pulled all the plugs checked gap and made sure they were all firing. The engine will crank but not start. Every now and again it will hit in ...
i start the car when its cold and it runs good. when i stop and go in a store or anything it wont start agin. cold it start but when its warm will not start.