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My son tried to start the car and he said the key felt like it stuck before it turned. Once he turned it nothing happened, no crank or click, just silence. Further, the radio is not working either. It will start if I ...
When I turn the key, the car makes a grinding noise and will not start.
Getting Codes p0301,p1651,1650,p0507. Needs to pass inspection. Is the intake gasket the same as the oil gasket.
Bottom and top motor mounts have been changed but engine still rocks when gears are changed
The RPM would get to 4000 or 5000 start dogging then die. Changed the egr valve
It still goes forward just not in reverse, and it stalls a little when trying to switch gears.
The transmission has no reverse and will not shift from 1st to 2nd. Have checked the lock nut on main shaft tight. Changed the filter : valve body;fluid every thing I I know to do can youplease help!
Why does my car not start after a short trip. Not the battery, starter or alternator. Works fine all winter long. Come summer, after the cold start in the morning, it won't start again..sometimes for hours. Plea...
this just started last night, also car is straining going up hills in forward; car is an automatic
"I can't see how to remove the altenator
first the cable bushing broke and have replaced twice now will not go into 5th gear and then would not go into reverse