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the filter pipe has allen fiting can I unscrew it to remove filter without harming motor
My car won't start unless I hold the gas pedal to the floor.
Start it it smokes really bad an when it calling down it would cut off in traffic when I stop at a red light.
Have to pull door handle upwards HARD from the outside to open door. No problems opening door from inside. How can it be to fix myself? How much if shop fixes?
Next morning, car wouldn't start. The key turns, but it won't turn over. It's not making any sounds. The lights are not coming on, all electronic parts of car won't work. I don't know if it's the alternator or the bat...
He says it will cost at least $80. Is it ok to do these myself if I buy the parts? Which parts? Where to buy? How difficult to do?
The car seems to be driving ok. I asked the service station to check the car and they suggested an alignment. They claim the car will "collapse" in winter if I do not get it before then but right now they say it was...
Stared when ignition was stuck, then it was replaced now radio and wipers won't come on.
the check engine light comes on the code reader says gear ratio is incorrect. (733, 734) I reset the computer and all is good for another 500- 750 mls then again no 3rd or 4th gear. Just before this happens I notice a...
The week prior, after engaging engine smelled gas for maybe 1/4 mile. Went away & no problem. Week later, backed out could smell & see drops of gas. What could cause this?
Can I buy it from Advanc Auto? I also hear a squeak specially when the car is just started up & driven from a cold engine. Is it becasue of the low power steering fluid or something else?
My car started making a weird pinging noise, and I could feel the tempo of the pinging on my foot. My friends and I pulled over a few seconds after heard it. My friends look at my engine and pulled on a plug and it wa...
Cranks alot but will start. Once running runs fine.