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can temp control sensor or trans temp sensor cause trhis problem
I have 82,000 miles now. I know tire pressure helps but what else can I do? Just put gas in @ 60 miles because gauge doesn't work. $3.98 per gal and 23.9 gallons put in. Your advise was to keep the tank full. Pai...
do I access from outside or inside trunk, and where are the screws located
does anybody know if there is a seal between the bell housing and trans mission and is it hard to fix
My car made loud whistle like noise that went away afar pumping the brakes.
fuel tank won't accept the fuel. checked for kinks, did not see any. have tried several times at different stations.
I put Stop Leak in the hose, cause there's no cap, is it supost to end up in the coolant Jug?
not getting oil pressure car will not run was told this only part left to change, everything else was
how do i adjust the tension on my timing belt. a mechanic said it was loose
Where is the dipstick for trasmission/clutch fluid?
my 1994 saturn squeaks after i turn right and not when i go left and it stops when i stop. please help
Do i have to have a center bolt in the timing chain cover? What is the center bolts purpose and what does it do?
does my 1994 saturn SL1 have oil cooler?i have oil in water resevore.replaced head gasket and flushed engine. i still have oil in water and runs hot.
does my 94 saturn.SL1 have a oil cooler?