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The tranny has checked out fine but AC compressor is bad and rattles real bad.
Service light came on after filling my car with gas. I checked the gas cap, but so far light still on. Will I have to return to the repair shop, so they can reset it?
If I play with it for a couple of minutes it will eventually turn. What's the fix?
i just finished replacing the clutch,pressure plate and release bearing. After installing the same clutch master cylinder and getting the car running it feels like the cylinder is not depressing the pressure plate far...
the car drives smooth then it cuts off and after 10 minutes the car will restare. How much should a sensor crank shift cost? Is there or has there been a recall on sensor crank shifts.
shifter linkage busted where they connect
My serpentine belt had several ribs separate from the belt. they wound up tangeled arount a pully. I replaced the belt. The new belt seemed very very hard to fit. I thought the Drive belt tenaioner should have bee...
I knew battery was going bad and tried to make it to payday to get new one. One day stopped somewhere and when I tried to start it it was dead. Some strangers offered to give a jump. I was in car to turn it over and t...
I have had the a/c checked - it is fully charged, no leaks, compressor works - but when I turn it on inside car - I have to turn it to max and hardly get any air. The heater works just fine. What could be the problem?
My service engine came on about 6 months ago, didn't think it was a big deal but now it won't pass smog and has service codes; P0301,P0442, and P0507. I'm trying to fix it myself but can anyone point me in the directi...
how much labor to change a starter