It only makes the noise sporadically it sounds like something may be loose but I don't see anything

manual transmission. add fluid and it pours out

i just bought the car the it is it want to run change the oil filter

The noise is constant all the time

The last time I drove the car, I switched from dash air vents to defrost, now no air will blow from dash vents, but cold air will come out of the floor vents on all settings.

Started when they were packed with snow and I forced them.

Went to replace trans filter and it came off in just 1 turn. Previous owner jury rigged gasket so filter would just go on, end of threads stripped. Need to replace threaded pipe fitting that threads in the side of the transmission that the filter screws on to. Cannot find part number or scrap dealer that has one, not able to find on Delco's trans parts list. Thanks


friend cross threaded cooler line and now it leaks transmission fluid. where do we buy the lines or the screw in part and is it called transmission cooler line where it is connected to the radiator. At least it was caused from taking the radiator out and putting in a new one, (or a second hand one) and then when he screwed the hoses back and they went in crooked then we started loosing tran fluid. Now we can't find the lines or hoses for our 2001 Saturn sl 1.9 ltr. 4 cylinder and I do not know if it is a sohc or dohc and would appreciate anyone helping me to know how to figure that out. My husband had a heart attack and was unable to fix the car himself, and is this very expensive because we are on a fixed and very tight income. We would really appreciate any help that you could email to us to let us know what to do and where to find the parts because we depend totally on this car to get him to doctors that are mostly out of our town. Our email address is cassi_owenby@yahoo.com Thank you for your help!

A week ago coming home from Bay area, car started shaking when it the car reached 50mph- the dealer said it may be the transmission.

My car wont start and the anti theft light stays on

The engine shut off while running car will not start. Replaced battery and starter, satrter clicks when ignition is turned on, engine does not turn over. Oil is low, kids car, does it have an engine cut off for low oil?

The engine will increase revs to 3000rpm without reason especially at low speeds or when stopped in traffic or at lights. I can get the revs to drop if I gently apply pressure to the clutch; but if the clutch is fully depressed the engine revs resume to the 3k rpm. The car is also guzzling oil but there is no pooling of oil under the car. The check engine light has not displayed; the idiot lights are functional. Start up is not a problem. Shut down however sounds like a stall out.