Just bought my step son a 2002 Sc1, wouldn't pass inspection due to the dashboard lights being out. Thoughts? YouTube? Forums?

i do not know if i have VES. it isn't becoming more difficult to steer but, the condition of the accessories is not promising. there is a circular, rubbing sound coming from that area. replaced idler pulley, which helped decrease sound a small amount.

when up close to the p/s/p it isn't the rubbing noise but it is making a noise, almost like it's struggling.

happens on every start up. whether it is a chilly florida 40 degree morning or hot afternoon. fades out a bit, but never really stops.

and this is without the a/c on.

They click when no one is in the car and run the battery down to dead. This is the second time I am having them replaced.

Occasionally will go into reverse when cold.

No reverse

First purchased, the battery life lasted about 2 - 3 years. Once she turned 10, the battery's life has shorten drastically. I have had to replace the battery twice in 2012. And now the current battery (only 2 months old) is dead and will not take a charge. The alternator reads "like new" numbers. The last AAA guy side it was probably electrical, but I don't know where to begin in that area. Any advice is much appreciated!

usually when the engine is warm.

I had the "Service Engine Soon" light come on and took it to Autozone for a diagnostic check. The active code is P0410, secondary air injection system fault. In the Hanes manual I have on the car there is no P0410 code. Has anyone had a problem like this?

I have a 2002 Saturn SC1 my drl wouldn't turn off even after the car was shut off, i removed the relay from the fusebox but they still stayed on. i would like to know what else i could try. Thsnks

left my lights on overnight, battery was dead, nothing. charged battery and now it trys to start even kicks over a small amount then stops. will not start.like it isnt getting fuel. car sat out on a -2 degree night also.

I need intake caskets, O2 sensor, module and coil

my car is automatic and when putting in reverse it jumps and then at 3 rpm's it jumps and then goes what could be the problem?

what is the spark plug gap for this car