hadnt had any problem untill 3 days ago . it sounded like battery dragging then started making clicking noise then starts like battery dragging then slowly starts any clue?

there is very little heat iin the drivers area

start the car anti freeze light comes on it is full and takes a long time to get heat in the car is it just a sensor or something else causing the problem

is it just a sensor problem or something else takes a long time to get heat in the car

car has to be push started but once the engine is run for a while i am able to turn the car back on with just the key. what would cause this?

This car ran fine before it was ran out of gas, it will start but it sounds like it is miss firing and will die out even if the gas pedal is held to the floor. I have replaced the fuel filter but am unsure where to look next. Any advice would be appreciated.

The car stalls at idle and heavy breaking.

my car won't start unless it is push started (manual transmission) I was told that it is not the starter. at one time i had to replace the valve cover gasket because oil was leaking in. don't know if its related or how to start the car without push starting it

when i crank my car it smokes white smoke.

Engine has 113k miles and I don't believe plugs have ever been changed. I want to pull them and check the gap. If new ones are warranted, then, of course I will replace them. I don't have the owner's manual.

where is my starter located

There is not problem it is just that a Saturn dealer said that I needed the thermostat replaced. There has been no problem with heating or the car running.

car stalls when you put into drive i have changed all senors the rpms go way down befor it stalls

Hello, I've had my car for about 3 years now, my brother had it before I did since '99. My horn hasn't worked ever since I got the car. I changed the fuse, and the horn honked once. Then I tried it again, and it didn't honk. I changed the fuse again, just to see and it snapped immediately. I figure it's a wiring problem, but almost everybody I know is telling me it's most likely a relay.
Where is my relay located, and what do you other owners think it could be?