With no warning the van wont start. All the lights etc. come on and it tries to start but its as if there is no final spark to turn the engine over. I swear I can hear the fuel pump buzzing.

The temperture gauge started going back and forth. The engine light would come on and the gauge would go back to less then half and light would turn off. Would this be my temperture sensor that needs to be replaced or is this something else. The guage stopped working and engine light is on.

Stopped turning on what is that motor for and how do I get it to turn back on?

And I've had it changed in its still reading the same thing so what could be the problem

I want to be able to hotwire the main cooling fan for full-time operation and bypass the ECU for this. It has been almost 99 degrees every day here, so the cooler, the better. I need some help to get this done, Van wiring is goofy and uses ground and varying voltages to control fan speed and operation. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I already have a colder t-stat installed which helps a drop, but not enough. If I leave it up to the ECU, the main cooling fan comes on much later than I need, and the motor runs wayyy too hot, which also negatively affects AC cold operation as well! I HATE the factory calibrations! They SUCK! I want to bypass all of that by hard-wiring. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Drops From 14 to 12 in minutes after shutting off the car. It will start fine for days then just click with a low voltage reading

Also, is there a fuse associated with it that may have blown out?

Where is the coolant drain plug location and what side is on

2005 Saturn Relay , blows air through all the vents in the front of the suv ,but doe'nt blow air from the rear upper vents at all.I know their are actuators under the dash,i'm not sure which one controls the rear , or if their even the problem .The temp control modules very exspensive i'm not sure it's the ,i don't know how to check it. I'm a Nissan tech.I thought maybe someone heres had this problem. thx


I recently changed the alternator & battery,now my info center says charging system failure but it comes on and off. Also the battery volts goes up and down 11.2 -15.0. What could be the problem?

My traction control & ABS lights are also on, could these 2 things be related?