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2005 Saturn Relay , blows air through all the vents in the front of the suv ,but doe'nt blow air from the rear upper vents at all.I know their are actuators under the dash,i'm not sure which one controls the rear , or...
I recently changed the alternator & battery,now my info center says charging system failure but it comes on and off. Also the battery volts goes up and down 11.2 -15.0. What could be the problem? My traction contro...
Replaced 10a fuse and I have swapped relays with the horn relay. the clutch is not trying to engage. Where do I go from here?
Knock under the driver right rear section of the car and seems to "flutter" for just a second, but it is a loud knock. We thought the spare tire may be loose so we took it off..no change. Had rear shocks replaced...no...
location of the fuel filter? is it in the tank?
it blows cold just won't switch to the roof vents
Recently my 2005 Saturn Relay locks began making the locking sound when I drive, go over a bump or hit my brakes to hard. Any suggestions as to what the problem is and is it a easy fix?
What would be the cost to replace plugs and wires?
It has been suggested that shock absorber bushings are damaged. Noise is like a flat cowbell, not resonant. Ride is not effected.
I have a 2005 Saturn Relay and I got a quote to replace my tranny, which would include the master kit, platary assembly, converter, and over drive clutch hub for $1,983.26.
What do need to do when a light comes on with check abs system and also, a light comes up with check traction system?
i am have a problem with the heat some times it does not turn on and you have to wiggle the nob or shut off the vuv (van utility vehicle)and turn it back on?
interior lights keep coming on and says rear door open
I had the check engine light on and code P0449. Mechanic replaced the vent control solenoid, but told me I had to drive the car for 200-300 miles to be sure light stays off before I can get the car's emissions tested...