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also replaced all cat converters i was having a problem of no power while accelerateing and when check engine lite came on it was putting out a code for engine missing i replaced coil packs & plugs and it ran the same...
The car will die on the road but will restart after it sets for a couple of hours. Could it be a cam sensor or a crank sensor?
What is the part number for the power module that controls the door locks?
I have checked the coolant level and it is normal both when engine is warm and when it is cold. The engine temp guage always remains the same. Any suggestions?
I have a tank full of gas,I'm lost.
I had to pay for all my rotors to be resurfaced and 3,000 miles later metal hitting on metal and rotors, brakes and calipers have to be replaced. Also the service guy didn't mark any specs down on my receipt. Is thi...
02 saturn lw300 service engine light came the one with the wrench tranny shifted hard pulled over turned car off then restarted no problem light off shifted fine the next day the same thing drove for about 20 mins or ...
instructions for replacing antifreeze for 2002 lw300 saturn
Where is the low pressure port on the air condition system so I may check my freon pressure and possibly recharge it?
2mths ago it was pooring hard. I smelled wires burning and my car died. GM told me it was the crank sensor & O2 sensors. I replaced them. Car wont start again tried to boost it didnt work. 2 days later AAA boosted it ...
i'm getting oil sludge in my fill tank where i put the water in. but if i drain the radiator the water is clear. i just changed the oil and it was perfect.I'm stumped.
Where is it? and can it be replaced relatively easily> Thank you
how to remove the gas tank on a 2002 saturn lw 300
My wife is complaining of a fuel smell surrounding the car. I have smelled it too even after it has sat all night in the drive way when I go out to crank it in the morning for her. She says she also smells it throug...
I'm going to change my transmission filter. How do you put in the new oil since the saturn l300 has no fill stick line? Do you use the vent port on the transaxle? Thaks