It seems, that when the weather is hot, my dash lights don't work. The lights in question include ALL the instrument cluster lights, the lights behind the HVAC and radio controls as well as the lights that illuminate the gear selection. These lights should come on when the headlights are turned on, but they do not.

Occasionally when the lights DO come on, they won't turn off when the headlights are turned off.

I have checked fuses, logic dictates that if it were a fuse, then the lights would not work at all. What possibly could be causing this?

smell gas. After sitting all night and adding gas additive and much trying it finally started up. Any idea what could be wrong. After starting up service engine soon light came on and stayed on. Thanks Marilyn

can a faulty sensor be detected

can you help me i want to change plugs

My timing belt started going bad, and I've been told that the water pump should be replaced at the same time. But replacing those two items are estimated to cost $1600. I know labor rates are high around here, but doesn't that sound excessive?

My car is losing complete power at random times while I am driving. I had one repair shop replace a sensor, which seemed to have solved the problem, but now the problem is back after 2 weeks. I have another shop telling me that I need a new waterpump and timing belt.

Where is it located and how to remove the heater core?

Where are my spark plugs located