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The interior and headlights start flashing. I can take out the DRL and they still flash. You can also feel and hear a clicking noise on the gear shift. Can someone please help. Thanks
Was driving car went inside for 15 minutes come back out to start car have no power car wont turnover,gotta jump no dash lights no power no nothing what is the problem
I need to see the vacuum hoses and canister hook ups emission code # PO 440
a/c was working great until winter once we turned heater on then a/c would never come on again. we figure maybe a switch maybe sticking or maybe even went out. anyone have any idea what the problem could be? we have ...
car battery keeps dying overnight. dealership replaced it Jan29 2015 and it was 100% dead on Mar 25, 2015 when tried to start it. dealership has it since mar25 and they say it is ok now. don't use it much, less than 1...
Got an oil change at local Wal-Mart. Later same evening, wouldn't accelerate properly. Parked it,to keep from causing any further possible damage. Car wouldn't start next morning.Check engine light was on. Read coil p...
where do i find the fuse box for the clamex croll systern
What would cause a consistent smell of gas around the Left Rear Door ??? The tank fills on the right side.
transmisión corre 40 millas y se pone en nutral y para atras no se mueve en rebersa ni en nutral. transmission is 40 miles and put in neutral and back does not move neutral or revers.
Only when it is warm outside, I hear a fan revving up and my automatic transmission jerks when changing gears. The engine temperature gauge is not running hot. If it is cool outside then there are no issues with my ca...
walmart evacd it out I have never had that done.would that cause all my oil to leak out? I cant figure out where the oil cartridge is . im about to junk it. I don't no what to do struggling student with no money
How i know what the problem Will it costs me an arm n a leg i had a fuel pump done smell still like gas