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The turn signals and emergency flashers do not work or work very intermittently. Replaced turn signal/light switch with no change in their operation. There is no "check engine" light or engine "codes". All other funct...
the seat is stuck all the way back and won't move but all of the other seat buttons work fine.
2001 Saturn L200... 2 days ago I went to leave home, and when I started my Saturn it started, and stalled 1 second later.....started it again, stalled 1 second later.....and I wouldn't say "stalled", it is more lik...
i think mine has jumped time or broke the timing belt
motor is misfiring and triggering P0172,P0300. and P048 codes. Is there a different fuel map for the change from the 2001 to 2005 2.2?
Have about 180,000 miles. Runs as good as ever, except the check engine light came on and the fan started making a very loud whine noise and does not stop. This is the second time it's happened. Someone removed cab...
after two pumps replaced noise still there timing chain has been replaced earlier by someone else sprockets were not changed and oil tensioner was not changed.
my car wont shift out of park and also gas gauge temp gauge locks dont work also dash lights dont work
When i do get it started and drive to where ever and stop then try to start it again it takes sometimes an hour or more to get it restarted.
I left the gas cap off and the light came on.