help me find out what this means.

have a 09 saturn aura 2.4l. alright, put cold air intake system. i left the mass air flow sensor unplug "bad idea", cause it would run fine without. Same time i had corrodited wires that ran 02 sensor upstream was not working. so pcm took charge for the IAT senor readings of -40 degrees when its 160 under hood. so motor stalled and would crank but not start. put couple shots of starting fluid and it would crank"thought it was the fuel pump. Put new pump in and it turned on but still not start. i looked over all corrodited wires and found wired frim alterntor to starter, cut bad wires to upstream 02 sensor with butt-connecters. but mini relays, some are loose in the front fuse box, runs powrtrn and run relay....all in all i have done everything. how can i jst bypass passkey3 system. already put over 500$ in this car. have had no ride for 3 wees

And a lock it come on 5-10minutes after driving

Sprayed with starting fluid it took two tries now it runs like normal, any ideas.

This does not happen on flat terrain when I apply the brakes. There is a little vibration in the steering wheel when it happens. Once I reach flat ground it stops. It does not happen up hill when applying the brake. The grade would be about a 2-4% grade. The knocking sound is loud. Thank you!

everything from spark plugs to trans and engine mounts have been replaced

For example, door open, key in ignition, seatbelt not on, etc. Could this be a fuse or is it a speaker out?

Started in April 2014- 2 times. Engine light comes on steady. Problem corrects itself in a few days and light goes off.Was told a short in control unit ECM. Diagnostic Code is P0010 -intake camshaft position actuator circuit open. Happened once in May 2014. Each time was told it is okay to drive. Now August,2014 and in the past week has come on and gone off 3 times. Dealer is going to check it tomorrow and tell me repair cost. 61,555 miles. Told me not to drive a long distance.

It mainly does it from a stop.

When tested, the fuel pressure was only at 30lbs so I purchased a Fuel Pump assuming that had to be the issue. The car will start but then die right away and that will continue until the battery runs down.
I was told to remove the rear seat and there I would find the access hatch to R&R the Fuel Pump. Would that be correct?

There is 60k miles on the car, I do not know what has already been done to this car because it is my father's. The car will gradually drift from one side to another when going at a fast speed. This happens while driving at all times. It drives unevenly and feels like a tire pressure is much lower than all of the others, but the tire pressure is 35-37 on all. No check engine light. No warning lights. This did not happen all of the time, I go to school downtown and I think a pothole caused the problem. No accidents. I drive this car 35 miles a day Monday-Friday for school. And there are potholes downtown and they are impossible to avoid. I go over them every day at a slow speed. I have gone over one at a high speed maybe twice. Another time the steering wheel shook once back and forth at the same time my front end of the car was shaking back and forth violently and this happened at a slow speed 35 mph-25 mph. The steering wheel once shook when I was stopped as well. Please help thx