It makes no noise like if the battery was dead and it happens everytime i run it and and if I keep trying after a little it won't turn on till I leave it alone for a couple hours

After a severe rain storm my car keeps locking and unlocking itself whether the ignition is on or off & my horn sounds intermittedly when I put my key in the lock

Also a couple of weeks ago, there was no antifreeze in the overflow. Dial is almost at the overheat no not overheating

warming up the car for approx. 10 to 15 minutes prior to driving. Blows cool air. Does not blow warm air until after approx. 5 minutes of driving. Blows cool air when idling.

does this seem like an electrical problem.

my Aura dash overheating level is starting to rise on my dashboard reader. It hasn't gone over the Overheat level Yet!but it has got close, but it wasn't doing that a couple of weeka ago. What do i need to do?? I'm worried that the engine will overheat. Please help??

feels like suspension or tire balance

I need a remanufactured transmission in my 2007 saturn aura Dr 3.6l 6speed. When i start my car up it'll move. When it warms up it won't move, and makes noises like winding.