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Is on and it smokes,and running ruff.what can I do now?
When I reverse, error reads "Check Rear Lights/Brake Lights" and then car stalls out. When I roll electric windows, car either sputters or windows don't work, unless car is off and starter on they work very slowly. To...
just got the car and the engine lite was off drove it for about 50 miles and it came on and stays on for a while goes off again and comes back on what should i do
recently purchased the car knowin id have to put alittle back into it, however this was unexpected. it starts up fine idles fine, but when you turn the ac on it stalls out, when you put it in gear it stalls out, you c...
cold air comming out when heat is on
the oil light comes on when car comes to a stop and the car shuts off when driving
The SRS light has been on for the last 4,000 miles. Is there a repair option other than $1,000 for a new module?
Can you give me the cost for replacing a automatic transmission?
head gasket repair
my speedometer and tackometer do not work accuratley however my odometer works fine is this a fuse or something else?