Resetting code

Is have the check engine on so i want to.know what is the sensor p1617

This is a relatively new development. What is the cause? Thanks.

Can this be repaired and what should it cost. It was combo of rust and pot holes but the car is in good shape.

it worked perfect for 2 miles the i stoped at the store, then it was back to rough after i stopped the car, i feel like i was suppose to drive more so the car readjust to the clean IAC? anyone experience that? i have to cancel anything that will not make it work so good, what is that, i guess i will try to clean it again..and try again

i replaced the tires and it still vibrates at freeway speeds and the steering wheel shakes really bad.i checked for loose componets and everything looks ok could it be the steering gear or maybe the struts.also the oil drain plug doesnt torqued down is there a repaire for this?

My speedometer does not work. Could useing an I-Phone and APPS. to monitor the speed have caused the atenator?

Removeing altenator under the car can be more expensive?

Do I need to remove the radiator, grille, to install the new hose? Thank you

please detail taking out of the switch

16B fuse is injection relay ? I checked the wires on the injector none were broken. Or am I looking in the wrong area

Need to know where the vacumn hose goes from bottom,center front of intake. small line

How much does to cost to repair transmission linkage and if the clutch is fine what could be the problem