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Just blows cold air, although the temperature is right where it should be on the gauge.
Problem happens within 10-20minutes of driving.Becomes a high pitch on freeway then a slower shuddering sound on city block streets. When I step on brake sound goes away instantly and completely for a few minutes the...
It's an 86' C900S and I'm looking to buy one but the ac does not work and person never attempted to fix...he said there was that the hoses were loose on the refridgeraunt and just assumed it didn't work. How should I ...
I don't have a user manual, so I don't know what a lot of the switches are for, even though I've used trial & error to figure them out. I REALLY need a user manual !! Also A/C doesn't seem to work.. Thanks, Rich
i need to know where the motor is for the convertable top.
heating problems, blowers are working but not heat just cold air in the winter and cold seasons