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Oil leaking from throttlebody,changed turbo,changed oil separator,could be too much crankcase pressure.I would appreciate any help i could get.Thanks
I purchased the part. But the shop charged me 4 hours labor @ $60/hr
The sound seems to be getting louder. I can't stand it.
the smell is intermittent and sometimes after non-use overnight; no codes on it and nothing showed up on system pressure test; sometimes no smell for weeks then starts again; gas cap ok; worse in hot weather; full o...
Also wondering how easy it is replace and if there is any good online information on how to do it. Shop wants $500, which is crazy in my book.
Car idles rough (car shakes) when at stop and still in gear. Can this be fixed?
The car has a slow idle all the time.  It's harder to get going when it is cold.
My engine light goes on and off, the theft system warning comes and goes,just replaced the intermediate pipe w/aftermarket, here lately the car does'nt start on the first turn- the lock cylinder sometimes won't pop ba...