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Changed turbo recently, oil isn't milky, coolant a little brown, a lot of oil around the fuel injectors, was a lot of sludge in the engine flushed twice now, smoke comes and goes. When I drive it around for a bit it s...
All dash lights come on. Car sputters and chugs. Will not accelerate. Just replaced battery 10/2013. Was running fine until it suddenly happened. No other warning signs or issues.
rattling just put a new idler pulley on a little over a year might have 100 miles on it and sat for a year started up first try with loud squealing coming from front of the motor sounds like when the last on went bad....
I think the water pump is bad, water not circulating.
Once I give it gas it dies it will not drive anywhere
i purchased a 2001 saab 9-5 turbo 2/12/13 drove for 3 1/2 weeks. passenger side of radiator blew off.car never over heated.repaired under warranty.got car back drove 1 day then rough and stumbling engine.told bad head...
i was wondering if someone can help me resolve this issue i washed the motor on my saab know it has a misfire and the engine light comes on changed the spark plugs but it doing the same thing and was wondering if it c...
thebreason im asking is that i washed the motor and know its misfiring and the engine light comes on can some one help thanks.
all other controls on heater work such as volume of air'temperture settings just wont shift from windscreen to feet or face
2001 Saab 95 wagon won't pass the visual smog test in California. replaced the gaskets and the turbo but still emits smoke.
estimate to replace automatic transmission on 2001 Saab 95