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does anyone know of where i can find step by step instructions with diagrams if possible to fix my gearbox i replaced the reverse shifter lever lock out part due to it was broke however now theres inner issues with pa...
I bought Saab 9-5 ´00 2.3 turbo 230 hp, automatic, after a few day, and 300 kilometars car started to make a cracking noise from front side, somewhere in the midlle of an engine, maybe bellow, near turbo or transsmisi...
engine died while driving happened 3 times in the last 3 days.....auto zone couldn't find any code
Central warning light came on.Engine temperature guage now in the red.Car check displayed coolant loss.Stopped car.Water under battery cover.Engine wont start.is this a battery failure or drive belt failure or what. ...
Up. After completing I turned the car over it idles as it should. However it has barely any acceleration power (it crawls) and I now smell gas. Please help
Fluid poured out from the passenger side without warning there was no leak or loss of fluid prior to the spontaneous rise in heat and fluid loss. When the car cools down it will start up but not hold fluid
The engine sometimes turns over, and sometimes won't.
Engine is still not getting fuel. Engine is turning over and fires when I spray fuel in. Pump is working. Fuel pump can only be installed in 1 direction. Checked fuses & they are good. Help!
Could I change the ignition coil without to much trouble?
how do you check the coil packs out to see if they are good we have no spark also only 5 lbs of fuel pressure
When I use my A\C on the coldest settings, the middle vent blows relatively cool air, but the sides vents blow really hot air. What could that be? I've charged it, and the compressor seems to work just fine.