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Would the p502 sensor have anything to do with the problem
My 1999 Saab 95 2.3t has 155k miles and runs great . however smell oil but with nithin on ground. no engine light on and just passed state inspection . I run premium fuel and average around 29 miles per gallon. Everyt...
The belt for the power steering & water pump has slipped off dur to oil on the belt from an ongoing leak,
replaced fuel filter & checked fuel pump while fuel filter was off. used starting fluid & still wouldn't start. engine turns over but won't start. checked all fuses.
So it started with the belt making noises and me putting off the simple task of adding tension. Yesterday, out of nowhere, the engine began vibrating so bad the car shook. I drove it home and parked it. It feels like ...
its in the front of the engine block, it just looks lose. but i need to know what can expect when i take it it in and it it some thing that can be tightened or a more serious problem
There are rust spots on the rotors. it has around 148k miles
the lowbeam does not work but all the rest of the lights in the headlamp work. I already checked the fuses they all are good. the bulb is brand new. then i took passenger side headlamp and plugged into driver side and...
I just got my car back from the shop and the shop said my Valve Cover Gasket was leaking and needs replaced. For this I don't think it should cost that much at all. What would be your estimate to replace this?
Does anyone know where the blower motor relay is and the blower motor for the cabin.
My Air Conditioner isn't working and according to the code it is a 1....14 which translates to a loose air distribution motor. How would I go about fixing this? How much would it cost?
its a 1999 saab 9-5 head gasket replacement,whats the torque for cylinder head bolts?
I am leaking engine oil (approx 4"x6" spot) from the driver side, center part of the engine. I haven't noticed any other leaks. What could be leaking and how costly might it be?