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If I stop and restart the the they start working again.
How do I get rid of PO325 code?
The original lenses are extremely clouded over and we have tried cleaning with OTC products with little or no success.
My Saab 9-3 on a few a cushions wouldn't start I taped the fuel tank a few time s and it would start until the day came and I taped and taped but it wouldn't start so assumed the pump was finished i replaced it with a...
I cut the car off then back on and they worked. Has done this twice
due to my car stood still for 4 months, the oil had to be changed and brake fluid drained and a new battery. since this, the ac wont come on nor will the heater.. and the engine symbol stays on dash.. please can you a...
This problem has been happening for awhile. The floor is wet from rain and I can't find source of the leak. Sunroof, windows and doors seem OK. What about the antenna thing on the roof? it looks like there may be ...
Happens only when it rains. The floor is wet not on the sides of the floor.
how difficult is to to replace a passenger side front wheel bearing - approximate cost ??
i have had my fuel pressure sensor replaced but this has not helped