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I reclined my seat to losten to music. Now it will not go back up to a drive able position. It will go down more and then raise to the position I was laying in but the seat will not raise fully.
front end noise when going over bumps first said tie-rod then said noise was coming from or due to something in steering column. set it to be rebuilt
Top hose to radiator overflow reservoir broke off and over heated in the red for maybe 3 seconds.. Now car will drive a few minutes then heat up under acceleration? But will cool down at idle! Replaced hose and rese...
Not firing properly and is very sluggish tried everything can you help
my saab will start but is choking and will not run properly, changed spark plugs the lot
There is a power steering leak but I cant find where the leak is. I just purchased the car and the people lived on a dirt roadso it is really dirty under the hood
The owner said it'll start but well not drive n thinks it maybe the tourqe converter, but I think it may be the fuel pump. It was only 700 because he couldn't figure it out with only 127,000 mile
What would I need to have to make that possible