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I've replaced ball joints CV axcels brakes sway bar links its driving me crazy
Automatic transmission 99 9.3 won't shift out of first goes into reverse but when you shift into drive it stays in first and the rpm just go up
i pushed in the clutch an it went all the way to the floor but will still go into all gears but will not move just need to know what it might be n how much to fix it............... william
Car idled OK for some time when I drove it engine overheated instantly
There is visible coolant on top of motor small though
I have replaced the bulb and high beam still will not operate..the 10amp fuse on the dash appears to be good..however I am not familiar on how to tell if the relay (in the engine compartment fuse box) is any good..I'm...
is this normal?..All pulleys seem to be rotating however the belt heats up to the point where you can't touch it for more than a second..How do I test the other pulley's to insure they are functioning properly?..I'm t...
They all quit working at once and my starter is sticking was wondering if a relay our something controls all these things? Any help would be nice if anyone has ever experienced this problem or if anyone knows what wo...
new heater blower motor will run all the time even with car off have to pull fuse to stop
I have already changed the regulator once, and the window still falls right off the track when I let it go too far down. I have had to keep the door panel off so that I can continually readjust the window on the track...
drive it 3 mi. and stalled. now it will start after 12 hrs but stalls out when attemting to re star I only get clicking. HELP