Chevrolet Cavalier Problem Report

Chevrolet Cavalier Transmission Fluid Leak From Cooler Line

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The rubber section of an automatic transmission cooler line may develop a fluid leak . In some cases the leaking section of hose can be replaced. In others, the complete cooler line must be replaced to correct this concern.

hose coming off the front of the trans bleeds like crazy, gonna get a new one down at autozone and go zipping around in my z24 love this car -
mine they cut new cooler lines, installed, and they still leak. i think you need a really good transmission person to do the job right. The age of the vehicle too, since factory did not do a good job with the proper line installation on these cars. -
when you first get on highway it runs good at 60 or 65 mph. about ten minutes when engine reaches full warmth the car starts losing speed and won't go past 50 with the gas pedal almost fully depressed and you can hear the engine rushing but no speed up. no panel lights and it runs good int he city. -
leaking transmission fluid from the front, what causes that? The small hoses connect to the cooling fan are saturated -
same as above .not repaired yet 'need to buy whole unit -
Need an estaminet for repair at auto shop to repair transmission lines leaking fluid -
rubber transmission cooler lines were fixed then leaked again. There is no permanent fix -
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